Foster Carer’s & Rescue Group workshops

Foster Carer’s and Rescue Group workshops

These seminars and workshops are suitable for all foster carers who foster dogs in their homes for rescue and/or shelter organisations. The seminars are also very useful for shelter staff and any other persons working in the world of rescue.
The sessions can be run as ‘theory only’ seminars that include information on a range of things like:
  • Introducing new dogs to your home
  • Canine communication and body language
  • Separation anxiety vs boredom
  • Common problem behaviours
  • Dog bites and fights
  • Introducing to cats
  • Environment enrichment and much, much more.
If you prefer to have a practical element included, we can include practical exercises such as:
  • Touch desensitisation exercises for dogs who don’t like to be touched
  • Teaching some basic obedience skills such as loose lead walking and coming when called
  • Working with reactive dogs (necessary exercises and strategies)
  • Impulse control exercises
  • Crate training
  • Muzzle training/conditioning
Contact us if you would like further information on hosting our Foster Carer’s information seminars or workshops for your rescue organisation or shelter.