Behaviour Assessments

Behaviour Assessments

Do you need a behaviour assessment on a dog?

I can provide a properly conducted and non-biased behaviour assessment on your dog.
Behaviour assessments can be conducted for a number of different reasons:
  • Individuals looking at adopting a dog from a shelter/rescue group
  • Shelters/rescue groups requiring assessing of dogs prior to rehoming
  • Dog involved in an incident and local Council has issued you with an intention order
  • Legal matters pertaining to VCAT or Magistrates court (Solicitors, Barristers etc)
  • Local Councils and munincipalities
Behaviour assessments are used to create a profile of the individual dog as a unique combination of the many traits working together to influence the dog’s responses.
Assessments are not pass or fail based, rather a tool to allow for observations of behaviours and patterns of response to help create a profile for each dog that can provide a better understanding of the individual dog.

Benefits of behaviour assessments:

  • Evaluates suitability for rehoming,
  • Ensuring dog is rehomed to the correct household
  • Identifies areas where rehabilitation may be required
  • Identifies problematic patterns of responses – ie., potentially dangerous behaviour
  • Provides behaviour modification recommendations
All behaviour assessments are provided as a neatly typed report and include the following elements:
  • Details of the dog
  • Details about the general traits of the dog which include: arousal levels, resilience, energy and frustration levels, sociability and social tolerance, patience, biddability as well as the dog’s level of impulse control and the overall demeanour.
  • Information on the dog’s responses based on the above during testing
  • For shelters/rescues, the report will provide suitability for rehoming as well as recommendation on the type of home
  • For legal matters, the report will come with a fully detailed analysis of the dog’s behaviour and the incident in which it was involved, as well as identifying all the possible triggers present for the behaviour occurring and recommendations with regards to rehabilitation and/or management of the dog.

Expert Witness required for VCAT or other legal proceedings?

Also for legal matters, Trish Harris can be called as an industry expert witness for court cases and other legal hearing as required.
To enquire about having a behaviour assessment conducted, please send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page.
Please note that costs will vary depending on the level of detail required in the assessment and written report, as well as any travel as required.